MODULE 1 — Playing Purpose-Driven Basketball: Your Personal Mission Statement

Players should have a clearly defined mission. This module will help players understand why they play basketball, the type of player they want to be and what they want to accomplish in training and during games. Without a mission, players often lack the motivation they desire and may feel a sense of burnout around training. Players may be great athletes but without a mission, they often will lack the spark and intensity toward the game and will struggle to perform at their best. A defined mission, on the other hand, will help them deal with adversity during the challenging moments of a game. To reach their potential, it is important to find meaning and purpose for playing the game they love. To be the best they can be, the fire must come from within them, which is what a mission statement will provide.

This free sample is “module one” of our training and includes pre-game visualization for improved performance at your next event.

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