Audio Visualization Training

Use the visualization training techniques of elite athletes.  Listen on your desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

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Basketball Visualization Training.


How the Modules Work

Visual Imagery

Taps the human senses of seeing, hearing, touching and emotion.

Neuron Mirroring

Uses player’s reaction to stimulate neurons and increase learning as well as emotional response. Mirroring is how we learn, validate and invalidate actions and beliefs.


Interrogative Format

Uses questions that incite a positive response that is self-directed and, therefore, more likely to be meaningful and sticky to the psyche.

Positive Self-Talk

Increases self-esteem and bolsters performance through positive self-talk during games. This is managed through scientifically remembering positive outcomes from training or other game scenarios.


Coaching Attributes

Uses qualities coaches desire as part of imagery to build attitude and personality characteristics.


As with any skill-building technique, repetition is programmed in the modules to increase effectiveness and sustainability of mental skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the target age group of the modules?

The I-Imagine visualization training app is appropriate for ages 9 years to adult.

Does this really work ?

YES, absolutely! Olympic, professional and elite athletes use visualization with some regularity to enhance performance. Mental imagery training is based upon neuroscience research and is an effective method to improve performance.

How often should I listen to the modules?

Like other forms of training, the more often a player uses the visualization training, the greater the effect upon performance. Ideally, a player would listen to the visualization modules at least 3-to-5 times a week.

What are the scientific techniques that are integrated into the I-imagine modules?

I-imagine Visualization is based upon a series of research in neuroscience, visualization and psychology. It combines many techniques that are integrated and interwoven into the visualization modules.  Each module has elements of the following:
 Mental Imagery — Visualization focused on mental toughness, self-esteem and a positive outlook.
 Motor Imagery — Visualization focused on muscle movements, soccer mechanics and strengthening muscle memory.
 Neuron Mirroring — Visualization technique that focuses the player on positive peer, coach and parent support to strengthen mental toughness and perseverance.
Interrogative Questions — Visualization technique that has player respond to self-questions to strengthen resolve and mental toughness.
 Successful Player Traits — Visualization techniques that assist players to envision the traits that coaches regard as needed to become a successful soccer player.

 Visualization Repetition — It is imperative that repetition occurs to strengthen neuron pathways, especially since soccer players are attempting to master the use of their feet.

What about updates ?

We are continually improving and updating our visualization apps. New sports and updates to existing apps will be made on a regular basis. Our members have first access to updates and new sports.

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