Module 1: Glimmers of Volleyball Greatness

All players have experienced moments of how great they have played the game. These are the moments or glimmers of greatness. In these moments, the players’ mechanics and mental game seem to work almost flawlessly. The players are totally engulfed by the game. They have created a certain rhythm to their play and are playing their best volleyball with what seems like little effort. In this module, players will mentally train to harness and increase those Moments of Greatness on the court.

Who will Benefit: This module is ideal for any and all players. It is designed to help the player see themselves at their best, and is a great pre-game module to set the stage for great performances. It will also benefit a player lacking confidence in their game, or who might be struggling or in a slump. Players who are struggling will often focus on their mistakes. This module focuses upon a time when the player was at their best.

This free sample is “module one” of our training and includes pre-game visualization for improved performance at your next event.

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