If you are anything like my two boys, you are accustomed to training, playing games with friends and traveling to competitive matches and tournaments this time of year. Unfortunately, with the emergence of COVID-19, all of that activity has come to a screeching halt.

If you play sports, you may be feeling somewhat lost, frustrated and certainly like you are losing the time you normally have to grow as a player. In fact, many players are feeling frustrated and possibly worrying about returning to their respective sport rusty and out-of-form.

Did you know that visualization can help you and your muscle memory stay tuned up and ready for when your sport resumes? Did you know that when you visualize, your mind interprets the recalled memory as if the event is actually happening? In fact, your brain sends electrical signals to your body, activating the muscle groups involved, which keeps your muscles and mind tuned-up and ready to play when the time comes.

Here are some simple techniques to help keep you ready for competition:

  • Take some time to imagine and see a field or court on which you often play.
  • Add details to what you remember. Recall colors, benches and the surroundings of where you play.
  • Now recall a past game where you played well and your mechanics were on point.
  • Again, add some detail to what you remember about that game or match. Notice the field or court, your uniform, your shoes and what you were wearing. Notice your opposition, what they were wearing, maybe a few particular players on their team.
  • Now, like a highlight reel, see a few of your greatest moments during that game or match.
  • Again, add details. Notice your shooting, passing, fielding, swings and mechanics.
  • Add even more detail, taking time to recall and see yourself mechanically completing those great shots, passes, swings or hits.
  • Finally, if you have the space, move around and allow your body to mechanically complete some of the movements as if the game or match is happening at this moment (shadow movements).
  • Do this for about 10 to 20 minutes daily. Your will be amazed at your readiness to compete when your respective sport resumes.

For more information, or if you are interested in guided visualization for your respective sport, visit I-imaginesports.com. We would be happy to help in your journey toward greatness.